We’re a community of people interested in adopting Buddhist teachings to our daily life and who desire regular group and/or teacher support for daily and intensive practice. 

Teachings are mainly in the Theravadan or Early Buddhist and Zen traditions but we’re open to other practice traditionsp

We also offer day-long, weekend retreats or retreats of longer duration in a safe, friendly, and supportive environment as well as other events that help members study, practice and realize Buddhist teachings e.g. monk and non-monk teaching events, book and movie discussions, fasting, mindful walking, dana, etc. 

Retreats are in the Theravadan IMS tradition or the tradition of the retreat leader. Retreat participants are advised to take their decision to participate seriously. Participation usually requires us to cut off communication with the outside world including families and work and undertake the Training Precepts the duration of the retreat.

For regular meet-ups, we welcome everyone – beginners to advanced meditators as well as the merely curious. We are a participant-driven meet-up and encourage everyone to actively shape our activities and group objectives. 

May all beings be happy, peaceful, and free from suffering!