Indianapolis Buddhist Meditation Retreats Organizers


Orlando Gustilo Orlando Gustilo – Organizer and Founder

Orlando started with Zen practice in 1985 took his first retreat with Ruth Denison at IMS in April 1986. Since then he has maintained an ongoing practice while studying the Pali canon as well as primary and commentarial literature of other traditions.

Cindy Brown – Organizer and Retreat Manager




Sharon Zollman – Assistant Organizer and Member Participation Lead

Jason NaKondri – Assistant Organizer

Jason NaKondri is a creature of the Earth, who has played, been educated, worked and suffered tremendously the same as everyone else. Through the proliferation of suffering he discovered meditation and the tremendous benefits of the practice of concentration. But building and strengthening concentration is only the beginning and one must take care not to concentrate on the wrong things. This is where the Buddhist group (Sangha) displays its value, by giving one guidance and a means of nurturing and cultivating the cessation of suffering or Buddhahood.

David Loeb – Assistant Organizer

Doug Stout – Assistant Organizer and Webmaster

Doug has been studying Buddhism in both the Pali and Sanskrit traditions, as a member of the Indiana Buddhist Center led by Geshe Jinpa Sonam and as a member of a Pali canon study group led by Shaila Catherine. He is grateful to be a member of a communities that strive for ever better understanding through study, discussion and practice.