IBMR hosts regularly scheduled meditations, teachings and study groups. All events, including the regular events and occasional meditation retreats, can be seen on the IBMR Schedule. All events are open to the public, and everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.


Regularly scheduled events are:


Every Thursday at 6:30 PM – Weekly group meditation and teaching

All Souls Unitarian Church  –  5805 East 56th Street / Indianapolis, IN / 46226

The group meets every Thursday night. In a typical session, we begin with a silent group meditation, followed by a teaching and discussion. We welcome everyone – beginners to advanced meditators as well as the merely curious. We are participant-driven, and encourage everyone to actively shape our activities and group objectives.

First Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM – Pre-Meetup Beginners Group

All Souls Unitarian Church  –  5805 East 56th Street / Indianapolis, IN 46226

On the first Thursday of each month, prior to the regular Thursday session, Cindy leads a group for those wanting to know more about beginning and developing practice in the Buddhist tradition. She will respond to questions and concerns from her own experience having been a beginner at one time as we were all at one time. Buddhism teaches we should maintain this Beginner’s Mind the life of our practice.

As always, no prior knowledge or participation in the meet-up is requisite for attending. Training (sikkha) takes time. It’s process, our journey. But this is one of the places to ask about fundamentals and get answers.
Understandably we’ll want to know everything but with persistence we will come to know what we need to know as our practice develops. Everybody is encouraged to ask questions but also be prepared to be left still not knowing. Discussing can only get us so far. Words point to something beyond words that the tradition says we “get” in due time if we practice diligently and wisely.

RSVP is requested but not necessary. To RSVP, visit and join our site. Or just show up at the church.

Second Saturday of each month 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM – Second Saturday Sangha

All Souls Unitarian Church  –  5805 East 56th Street / Indianapolis, IN 46226

These are “half-day” and “full-day” retreats intended to provide more intensive practice  opportunities to interested dhamma practitioners. It is open to all levels of practice, beginners to experienced, a sangha to support everyone in our effort to establish and incorporate practice into our daily lives.

Retreats consist of alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation, guided meditation instruction when needed, dhamma teachings and a dhamma discussion at the end. Participants are asked to undertake the Five Training Precepts during the retreat with Noble Silence instead of Right Speech until the dhamma discussion when we shall revert to Right Speech. If you are needed to stay in touch with others between 12:30 and 5:30, please consider coming on another day.

Refreshments are offered at the retreat manager’s discretion. Healthy snacks and/or drinks can also be brought and shared by participants during the post-talk sangha discussion.

As with all traditional Buddhist teachings there is never a charge for attending but people are encouraged to practice dana in the form of financial, labor, or material donations. All Souls is also foregoing any fee for the retreats.

RSVP is requested but not necessary.   To RSVP, visit and join our site.


Last Sunday of each month 3:00 PM – IBMR Buddhist Study Group

Barnes & Noble     –     8675 River Crossing Blvd / Indianapolis, IN 46240

The Last Sunday of the month is the IBMR Buddhist Study Group. At this meet-up we study the Buddha’s teachings through the use of books and media like movies, CD’s and online programs while tethering the discussion with Right Speech and what we are putting into practice and learning from practice daily.

Most meet-up events occur at All Souls Church that has so generously been sharing their space and resources with us. This series out in the community is a reminder that practice is not to keep us separate from “the world” or community. We are that community of living beings, our practice the practice of living with ourselves and with everyone.

This also provides another day of the week so members who can’t come on Thursdays or Saturdays have this last Sunday as an opportunity to join, participate and deepen their practice. Dana, as usual, is welcome as practice in generosity and un-selfishness, but is never required. Buddhist teachings are beyond price.



Please, always check the IBMR Schedule before attending an event, in case of cancellations.